I looked around. The sky was blue. I looked and everything seemed blue. I sat and,
as the waves of the sea danced under the melody of the wind, I got lost in my
thoughts and remembered the story of Blues.

Blues was a little girl full of life; shy, but also intelligent. People had difficulty
understanding her due to her quietness. They just did not know how to handle her.
She was kind, and normal in that she was not too hyper. In preschool, her mum
was called regularly, because the teachers would not know how to handle her
introverted character.
“Today, she was quiet l'histoire de Blues.***** Blues était une petite fille pleine de vie; timide, mais aussi intelligente. Les gens avaient des difficultés à la comprendre en raison de sa tranquillité. Ils ne savaient juste pas comment la gérer. Elle était gentille, et normale en ce sens qu'elle n'était pas trop hyper de nature . En mate…


I came across this book relating the life of Mary Stuart Queen of Scottland. It was quite an amazing story, the author really tried to dramatize her last night, the night before her execution by Queen Elizabeth.
It is a must read indeed!

Je suis tombé sur ce livre relatant la vie de Mary Stuart Queen of Scottland. C'était une histoire assez incroyable, l'auteur a vraiment essayé de dramatiser la dernière nuit
, la nuit précédant son exécution par la reine Elizabeth. C'est un must à lire!



I was sitting under the sun and there was something in my heart.
Something hurting me emotionally, something I wanted it to end.

I stood and went to my room to pray and when coming back for my sunbath,
I've decided to do something, I guess it was by inspiration.

I opened my mouth and confessed, proclaimed that the issue in my heart must leave me.
leave my mind, my spirit, soul and whole being.
I confessed, that particular issue was nothing and should go away from me.
I spoke and spoke until my whole being  focused on saying that
I believed it with my whole heart
I rejected the opposite thoughts

Minutes later, I was feeling better
The impact of the situation on me was lesser then nothing.

The bible says that curses and blessings are on the tongue
God bless you

J'étais assis sous le soleil et il y avait quelque chose dans mon cœur. Quelque chose me blessait émotionnellement, quelque chose que je voulais que ça finisse. Je me suis levée et suis allée dans ma chambre pour prier…


LE 25 mai marque la journée de l’Afrique ainsi que l’anniversaire de l’Union Africaine. En Afrique du Sud, certaines universités telles que Vaal University of Technology ont célébré l’ « Africa Day ». Un jour riche en couleur avec les drapeaux de nombreux pays africains levés à l’amphithéâtre.De même, le maire de la municipalité d’Emfuleni Jacob Khawe a invité des étudiants internationaux de VUT et des membres des parties politiques (DA, EFF, ANC) à un évènement commémoratif ce 25 Mai 2018. Le Nigeria, le Cameroun, Le Lesotho, Le Swaziland, Le Mozambique, L’afrique du Sud, le Kenya ainsi que le Gabon représenté par Mlle Katucia Moussongo Bitsaka étaient de la partie.

May 25 marks Africa Day and the anniversary of the African Union. In South Africa, some universities such as Vaal University of Technology celebrated Africa Day. A day rich in color with the flags of many African countries raised at the amphitheater. Similarly, the mayor of the municipality of Emfuleni Jacob Khawe invited …


It's a trend right now in most countries of the world. Even when you are not an expert, you have at least heard about it.
Online trading is a more or less sure way to make a profit by speculating on financial markets. This involves selling or buying financial products, also called
underlying asset (stocks, indices, commodities, currency etc.) on an online trading platform.
Among all the concepts of trading, we hear a lot about Forex or Forex trading; which is simply currency trading. In other words, you buy or sell your currencies (euros, dollars ...) with the help of an online service provider. Moreover, there is an indefinite number of online trading providers that are called brokers. They offer trading platforms with advantages different from each other. In a financial market, these brokers act as intermediaries between the buyer and the seller for a commission or proposing a spread.